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More about baby dedication

Such an exiting time, a new child entering your family. There is no greater moment when you feel that your children are a gift from God.
To express your full appreciation to God, you can think about baby dedication. It can also be described as ‘dry baptism’.

Baby & Child Dedication

In some churches, the ceremonies are performed with a whole group of parents and their children. It is intended to be a public statement by the parents. They promise the Lord to teach their children the Christian faith.
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Where does baby dedication orginates from?

The idea of baby or child dedication can certainly be found in the Bible. Hannah promised to dedicate her child to the Lord if He would give her a son and Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the temple after forty days in order to dedicate him to the Lord.

Free Printable Dedication Certificates

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Before carrying out the baby dedication ceremony

Before actually carrying out the ceremony of baby dedication, it is crucial that pastors counsel the parents of the child about the meaning of dedication. First of all, if the parents truly wish for their child to one day love and follow God, they should love God themselves.

Parent Responsibilities After Child & Baby Dedications

Secondly, the parents should realize that the duty of teaching their children belongs to them. For example, Sunday schools can provide weekly instructions, but parents should explain the value of prayer at meal times and before bed. The parents are also the ones who should urge their children to read aloud Bible stories for devotions and give them practical ideas that can be implemented into the daily family routine.