Free birth announcement templates for Word

Welcome your baby into this world with one of these birth announcement templates

Worldwide 353.000 babies are born each day. So you want to be original with one of these lovely templates!

Free birth announcement templates for Word

Congrats, you are expecting!

You must be so excited at the moment! You are pregnant and everything is going great. As soon as your baby enters this world, you want it to feel welcomed by you and your partner. Therefore you are looking for some original birth announcements.
With the templates offered here, you can create your own birth announcement, just change the different elements (e.g. the name, the weight, address, etc.), the color, the fonts and create an announcement you can’t wait to send out!

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When is a good time to start with your birth announcements?

You just found out you are pregnant and you are thrilled about it! When you are about six months pregnant, it is a good time to start collecting all the address details of the people you would like to send the birth announcement to. And no worries: if you don’t have a big budget. You can also download the free templates, amend it to your wishes, save it as a PDF-file and send it via email. It won’t cost you a thing!

When being approximately 7 months pregnant, it is a good time to start desiging your birth announcement. You might have a color in mind that you also want to use (or allready have used) for the nursery. Why not use it for the birth announcement too! Let me assure you: it will look great!

Find your favorite birth announcement templates now. They’re ready to use.

Let's go!
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Birth announcement etiquette

What basic information should you include?

What would be the first thing you normally ask new parents about their baby? Is it a boy or a girl? What did the baby weigh? What’s the name? The answers to these questions would be the most important information to put on your birth announcement. And make sure to include the baby’s gender as most newborns look the same and names can be ambiguous. Some other details you can include, can be:
Names of the parents and siblings
Baby’s weight
Baby’s length
Birth location
A baby website
A sentence about ‘visiting hours’ of the newborn

What about announcements for multiples?

You can include the same kind of information, but maybe you have to modify it for the length (so you can include all the names of the babies). If you are feeling stuck on what to include, just remember: less is more! You should feel comfortable with the information mentioned on the announcement.
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