Free halloween invitation templates for Word

Invite your friends over for a classic Halloween party with these Halloween party invitation templates

The 31st of October only means one thing: be Spooky, it's Halloween!

Example of Halloween invitation in Word with spiders

Be spooky, it’s Halloween!

It’s almost that time of the year again: Halloween season! Of course you want to celebrate this with your friends and family. Are you hosting the party?
Why not send out some really neat and frightful invitations? Your guests will be impressed by your creativity. When sending them out, you can think of including fake, little spiders in the envelope, you will spook out your guests (in a good way)!
With the templates offered here, you can create your own Halloween party invitation, just edit the information on the invitation. You can include notations like ‘Costumes, please’, ‘Families welcome’ or even ‘No zombies allowed’. We have some really scary ones, but we also have some that are low on the scare-factor, they are perfect to use when you are also inviting children for your party.

halloween spider invitation

How to make 2018 the most SPOOKTACULAR event of the year?

You can think of all sorts of things to create a haunted house. For instance: let your frontyard look like a graveyard with several tombstones. Place some coffins with skeletons hanging out of them. But when there are children attending the party, make sure it is not too frightful, they can end up having nightmares about it. Hollowed out pumpkins and fluffy spiderwebs on the porch can really look great and scary enough for kids. And for the trick or treaters you can think of candy in different shapes, like spiders, bats, witches, etc. Also a good idea: make some healthy candy yourself!

Find your favorite Halloween party invitation templates now. They’re ready to use.

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halloween spider invitation

Halloween, what is it?

The name Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Evening and it is celebrated yearly on the 31st of October. Apparantly it originates from the Celtic harvest festival. Back in the days, the Celts would have a different calendar, starting on the 1st of November. Therefore they would have a large celebration on the 31st of October (the Celtic New Year or Samhain in Gaelic).

The Celts believed that on this day, the spirits of all those who passed away last year, would come back to ‘infiltrate’ a body of a living human being. The food placed outside the doors of the Celts would attract them to rise up again. As the Celts wanted to defend themselves against these spirtits, they would wear frightful masks to spook them out.

When the Romans invaded Great Britain, they mixed both the Celtic tradition with their own tradition, which also included the celebration of the harvest at the end of October.

When should I send out the invitation?

Halloween parties are getting more popular each year, so make sure you send out your invitation 3-4 weeks in advance, this will give your guests enough time to think about their costumes, attributes and, if applicable, what dish they are going to bring. Enjoy the most SPOOKY event of the year!
halloween spider invitation