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Want to create your wedding invitation yourself? Check out the editable invitations in Microsoft Word right here.

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Example of wedding invitation template in Word with olive brach and cappuccino

Congrats, you are getting married! What kind of wedding invitations would you like to have?

You want to amaze your guests with the wedding invitations and you want to give them a glance of what kind of atmosphere you would like to create during your wedding day. So you want your invitation to have a fresh and crisp look with some nice elements.
With the 100% editable templates offered for free here, you can totally create your desired design, just change the different elements, the color, the fonts and create an invitation you can’t wait to send out!

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Where to start after being proposed to?

Picture this: you are being proposed to by your partner. You are incredibly happy and you want to share the news with the rest of the world obviously. Furthermore, you are browsing the web for inspiration for your wedding dress, maybe a theme for the wedding and of course the wedding invitation! You want to stand out of the crowd, but maybe you have a limited budget.

Why not design the invitations yourself? I have designed my invitations myself, I had to figure out a couple of things, like where to put the cutting lines in the Microsoft Word document, but in this case: I have already done this for you! This means: you only need to download the free wedding templates, make sure you install the right fonts (you can find them in the same file) and there you go!

Find your favorite wedding invitation templates now. They’re free to download, easily editable Microsoft Word documents that are ready to use.

Let's go!
creating wedding invitation templates in Microsoft Word 

A new hobby: creating wedding invitation templates in Microsoft Word

Let me introduce myself properly. My (back then) boyfriend proposed to me in September 2014 in the South of France. We knew right away: we want to get married in the same region, it’s so magnificent! So, the planning started….

I browsed online for the perfect wedding dress, the theme for the wedding and of course, the invitation! But I couldn’t really find a suitable one for our wedding, so I started creating it myself and it worked.

Pinterest was my biggest friend at the time, but I couldn’t find any free wedding templates. At first I just wanted to play around a bit with the different possibilities in Microsoft Word (as I didn’t have any knowledge of design software). I thought: there must be more brides-to-be, just like me, who are looking for some inspiration for which they don’t have the pay (a wedding is already expensive enough!). Therefore I want to offer the templates to you to download for free! What started out as an experiment is now one of my biggest hobbies!
Please let me know in the comments on each template page if you used the template and what you liked about it. That would mean a lot to me! And of course: tell your friends and other brides & grooms-to-be!

Creating your own wedding invitation, how does it work?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You just need the right information regarding the location, the time the day starts and your contact details. The images, the fonts, etc. are all included in the design. So it’s much more easier to create your wedding invitation than if you were to create one from scratch.

All the hard work is already taken care of, you’ll even find the cutting lines in the document, so you know where to cut (or let the printer do this for you!). Just start downloading the different templates and start editing them. And do not forget to share it with your friends!

creating your own wedding invitation