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You have to pitch this project to a huge potential client

Wow, such an opportunity! You can amaze both your boss by writing a killer project proposal. But on the other hand, you can also ‘wow’ the potential customer.
ASo, how can you impress both people? Well, that’s easy. Have a look at the stunning project proposals offered here at Download the proposal in Word for free and start writing on your project proposal.

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Learn more about the client

If you are looking for investors to invest in your business idea, your business plan should provide details of how you are planning on developing your business, a timeline, who’s involved and how you will manage the finances.

Do you know that feeling when a hot business opportunity comes along: you instantly feel the pressure to get your proposal sent out as soon as possible. But be aware! Taking some time to learn more about the potential client and the project will help you write a proposal that’s more likely to be accepted.

A simple rule of thumb is to send the proposal directly after your first meeting with the client. Herewith you can send a personal note, like: ‘It was great meeting you the other day, hereby….’. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, for instance when a business has multiple offices or locations which you probably have to see first before sending out a project proposal with an accurate estimation of costs and labor.

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What should be included in the project proposal

There are a couple of things you need to bear in mind when typing a project proposal. At the end of the proposal, you should be able to answer the following questions: “who, what, where, how, when, and why.”

How to estimate labor and costs?

Next to the six ‘W-questions’, you also want to consider how much the project is going to cost. This will probably be the section of the proposal, the client will look for at first.
You can use a simple rule of thumb: calculate the total amount of hours you will be spending on this project and multiply this by 1.5. Now you probably think: why overestimate? And no, this isn’t to squeeze any extra bucks out of the customers. But look at it as ‘unforeseen expenses’.. Something you will also take into consideration when for example building a house. Projects often have unexpected twists an turns so adding this extra time will help you with this.

If everything goes smoothly and you will end up below your estimated hours, you can always offer your client some bonus work or you can bill them a lower amount. Either way it’s a win-win situation.

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All right, enough said about the project proposal. Download one of the proposals today, install the fonts and write your own proposal. Please let me know whether one of my designs helped you winning your pitch!

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